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of Egyptian grown fruits.


Browse our wide range of nutritious, mineral rich,
Egyptian grown vegetables

Our Process

Fresco Farms focuses on providing a consistent supply
of high quality produce delivered at the best price
and at the right time.


Carefully selected

Fresco Farms focuses on providing a consistent supply of high quality produce. While our partner farms produce quality products in the country, we make sure that we select only the best of the harvest for our clients.

Handpicked quality

We pride ourselves in our meticulous and courteous selection process securing the best of harvest each year.

So Fresh, So Clean

The secret to the longevity of our fresh produce is our cleaning process. Ensuring to wash off all dirt and residue not only to increase shelf life but preserve integrity while shipping.

Custom jobs

Cleaning and sorting process can be customized to suit the needs and regulation of export Country as per client requirement

Packaged to Perfection

We strictly abide by our internal packing, loading and unloading procedures to ensure integrity of shipment and preservation of the quality.

See it for your self!

To guarantee customer satisfaction pre-shipping we offer pre-shipment surveys through a variety of accredited independent surveyors.

Fresh from the Farm

From farm to destination, temperature sensors monitor the ambient temperature of produce throughout the journey and make our cold chain reliable and transparent.

It’s never been tastier

Our supply chain means we source directly from a network of local and sustainable farmers. Help fix the food chain and enjoy great quality food.

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