Who we are


Fresco Farms is a licensed agricultural exporter based in Cairo, with a vision to become an industry leader in exporting highest quality products fruits and vegetables. Stemming from the belief that quality is the main driving force of a strong and sustainable business; our dedication is to supply the freshest produce by meticulous selection of our suppliers based on quality of their products, global certifications, and their adopted sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly agriculture methodologies, as well focusing on building strong partnerships with our clients based upon transparency and fruitful cooperation!

Our Vision

Fresco Farms was established to be the most reliable quality exporter of Egyptian Fruits and Vegetables bridging the gap between local quality producer and global market demand.

Our Mission

We vow to provide the best in class produce, at competitive prices. Our target is to build strong, long-term partnerships with clients all over the globe. We commit to deliver our fresh fruits and vegetables shipments in timely fashion and in accordance to our client’s requirements.

Our Values

At Fresco Farms, we developed our own code of values which
we believe are the core assets to build and maintain our relationship
with all our business partners.

We value the significance our clients’ commitments, standards, contribution to their local markets and diligently strive to positively contribute to the well-being of their brand.

At Fresco Farms, we believe that integrity leads to sustainability, accordingly all our actions and interactions must reflect good ethics and transparency.

We continually strive to deliver the best products and services knowing full well that excellence is an endless pursuit that requires continuous improvement and adaptation.


Our Growers

Fresco Farms has partnered with highly-reputable growers in Egypt to deliver high quality fruits and vegetables. The majority of our growers have generations of experience with unparalleled knowledge of the crops they produce and environment in which they work.

Our growers continuously implement cutting-edge technologies in agriculture to develop and introduce new concepts, methods and systems that advance the local as well as the global fresh produce industry.